Connection (produced by Dray Yard)

by Precise

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This track is #11 on a project called Hand Grenades and Serenades produced by Dray Yard from Belarus.

Click the link below for the full project.

Connection is a soulful track touching on the ills of the world and reminding all of us that our connection to the creator is what matters and that we can be better.

Life - Love - Connection - Spirit



Rhythm moves needle to the groove my visions true we the secret it's a clue open it up Feelin stuck put this music on your mind till u cant get enough hop to the hip sound drop kickin simps down you want that this is it now hallelujah hands high connect to the universe honest to the core connect -the truest verse get sorta deep don't get immersed doctor the vibe some body call a nurse out paitient surgery direction is concerning me do what I do to save the kids and stop the murdering sensitive eyes desensitized recognize the lives that lives inside connected to a source that gives us all life love is the force to make it al right.

Life Love connection spirit give it Got it don't you feel it

Smooth shea butta they all wonder why i cant be defeated or
taken asunder the one im the number chop em down lumber done with dumb cats makin the whole world dumber got a force feild I know how force feel some do this for fake I do this for real getting deals with limited skill they be glorifying rape poppin pills and kills cold shoulder for real a revolution of the mind steel sharpens steel we been free broken outta the chains cleanse deep workin outta the stain push on workin outta the pain natural state of being lovin outta my brain meditate on greatness cause I gotta stay sane we are the catalyst to change that's simple and plain

Tell that devil to get behind me I'm much to strong them cannot stop me there's only one me no carbon copy I climb so high them cannot drop me every line is fresh and never sloppy ya girl see me she call me poppy i ride so clean you ride jalopy you tellin lies ou do manti and when I can create I make the money energy is bright now is sunny Livin in the moment yes you know me rhyme style cold the mic is frozen motivate the mass that's why I'm chosen Livin my life just like it's golden share with the world just what I'm holdin pay no mind to the bull they be promotin

In the moment ..and u know this rhyme style will leave the mic frozen cold as a zone when it snowin Livin my life like it's golden yeah I be proving and showin no limit to what I be knowin they cannot and they will not worry me pay no mind to what they promotin


Lyrics and Vocals by Precise

Produced by Dray Yard



all rights reserved


Precise Chicago

Precise’s positive and spiritual energy radiates throughout the project and life. He remembers the essence of Hip-hop and his roots that will elevate him up the musical ladder.

Also, Precise’s mission is to preserve this rich culture while utilizing his gift to uplift and educate his people specifically the youth.
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